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« I need to relax…to be more focussed …sleep more…eat better…take care of my back… ». Easier said than done when you work on a computer all day! Are you hooked to your smartphone, addicted to your emails, unproperly sitting at your desk? Does your body feel crippled at the end of a day spent in front of the screen or running from a meeting to another ?   This is a book to have on your work desk, the Yogist method to feel well everywhere ….even at work!

« Comme un Yogist » Book includes :

60 5 minute exercises to complete at your desk or anywhere.

10 steps to release all the body parts that are suffering from stress and recuring pain.

Movements to lear how to prevent anxiety, back pain, migraines, belly pain, insomnia...

Introduction to meditation to relax rapidly and effectively.

Key principles taken from yoga and Ayurveda to adopt healthy ; nutrition, exercise, stress release...

Discover a video of the relaxation exercise presented in the book (page 182)

This video is part of our e-learning programme « Well at work with Yogist ».