Sophie Debaere launched YOGIST in the UK in summer 2017


She discovered Yoga when studying Political Science at University 12 years ago. She became a dedicated yoga practitioner and discovered the life-changing power of yoga as a tool to balance her busy professional and personal life.

After completing her Master’s at the London School of Economics, she worked in advertising and became a strategy and innovation director, working for London’s top media agencies: Mediacom, Carat, PHD…

She met Anne-Charlotte in summer 2015. Inspired by the success of YOGIST, she decided to change career and train as a yoga teacher with Ryan Spielman. In July 2017, she officially joined YOGIST  to develop its UK branch from London.


Anne-Charlotte Vuccino, YOGIST founder and creator of the Yogist corporate yoga method.


An ex-consultant in strategy, Anne-Charlotte graduated from HEC Paris business school and from BA in philosophy. She discovered yoga while recovering from a very serious road accident.

Since then she kept on improving and deepening her practice and started spreading the benefits of yoga by teaching people within her work environment. At 30 years old, she quit her career and go to India to train as a Yoga teacher.

With 7 years of experience in business strategy consultancy for large company executives, Anne-Charlotte decided to start a business to spread yoga’s benefits to the corporate world.

Since then she published her first book, Comme un Yogist, produced an e-learning programme and put together a team of teachers for Yogist corporate yoga method. She has been speaking in seminars and conferences on wellness and well-being at work and performance across France.



Background : Journalist
After studying Literature and History, Agatha became a journalist specialized in Health and Sustainability.  She discovered Yoga unexpectedly and soon became hooked. She trained for a year and received her teacher certificate in 2011. For the next 5 years, she then combined her job as a journaliste with teaching yoga classes a few times a week. She then took the decision to fully dedicate her work life to teaching yoga.
Agatha teaches chair yoga in offices with a sequence of postures dedicated to help manage stress and prevent musculo skeletal disorders.


Background : PR professional
Becky worked for a large PR  agencies in London, working with brands and large corporation with their communication strategies. She practiced yoga for over ten years and 5 years ago obtained her Yoga teacher certificate. She then continued working part-time in PR while developing her yoga teacher activity.
She combines her deep knowledge of companies challenges to her long experience with yoga to promote well-being in the workplace.


Background : Web designer
Laura spent 3 years in front of a computer as web designer for a start-up. She then took a year break to go to India and train as a yoga instructor. When she came back in 2014, she started teaching in a few yoga studios. Whether she teaches in a studio or at the workplace she focuses on this state of both physical and mental well being that yoga  practice can lead to.